Ascension: The Indigo Project

Must read! This will be the next big thing in fantasy fiction up there with The Mortal Instrument series and Harry Potter! I’m currently reading this and I’m in love!  Ascension is the …

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Ascension: The Indigo Project

Must read! This will be the next big thing in fantasy fiction up there with The Mortal Instrument series and Harry Potter! I’m currently reading this and I’m in love!  Ascension is the first book in the Trilogy.  It is a refreshing take on good versus evil with a mixture of Egyptian mythology and angels and demons.  Set in a dystopian world after the fall of a great civilization, it is up to Katherine Monroe, a 17 year old “Indigo”, to save it while learning who she is.

Here is a link to where you can order the book

Here is a link to more information about the book and its producers. Check it out!

Down Town

It’s amazing to me that I have lived here for so long and have until today, had little knowledge of the industry and activity in my towns’ little square.  I ended up sitting under the shade of the court house by accident today, waiting for my mother to get out of a meeting.  I walked around for a while and found some of the coolest little stores and also visited some of my favorites that I did know existed.  I spent way more than I had intended, which I will blame on my surprise at finding all of these new, neat little businesses.  I am concerned that I have been so busy that I’ve missed a lot other than the growth of my little town… I won’t make this a deep reflection because I don’t know how much time I have and it’s kinda noisy and distracting because they are pressure washing the court house and people are running around trying to beat the rain.  I think I have found a new favorite spot!  I’m in the perfect place to see the activity of the square and to appreciate the cool, rain damp, but not wet, weather.  If you haven’t been down town lately you should make a trip.  It is a unique cultural experience and also a very rewarding historical venture.  



Inspiration for the day…

“I think everybody’s weird and that’s the key to it.  We should celebrate out individuality, not be embarrassed or ashamed of it.  We all have idiosyncrasies, tics that are obsessive-compulsive.  People do themselves a great disservice by not allowing themselves to see who they really are because they are afraid.”  -Johnny Depp

Never lose your “muchness” and remember “We’re all mad here.” 😉


johnny depp mad hatterjohnny-depp-as-willy-wonkajohnny depp as jack sparrow

The Symphony

Tonight I learned that Vivaldi’s Four Seasons contain not only four seasons but each season has three of its own movements.  I also learned that many people don’t know that you aren’t supposed to clap in the middle of movements…  Furthermore, I experienced a wide variety of interpretation of appropriate concert attire from t-shirts and jeans to “club wear”.  The concert really was an amazing experience and I was fortunate to have gone with two experienced concert goers (my adopted mother and her husband, a legendary band director). The Schermerhorn symphony center is a BEAUTIFUL monument of Nashville, with outstanding architecture and acoustics.  The solo flutist was AMAZING and the Concertmaster not only directed, but also played a flawless solo throughout Vivaldi’s piece.  If you haven’t been to a symphony it is something I strongly suggest you experience at least once.  For me, it was great to really step back into the music world and concert setting.


My Great Blogging Adventure

This morning, over pancakes,laptops and mobile devices, I jokingly told my parents that I wanted to become internet famous from my blog.  The response I got was hilarious yet terrifying…

Mom:  “You don’t cuss enough to be internet famous!  You think crap is a bad word.  You need to cuss more.”

Jason:  “You either have to be really smart or really, REALLY stupid to become famous.” (Basically I needed to do something really stupid for attention..)

So far, blogging has been a great stress relief as well as a great time consumer for me, as I look for more ways to better my blog, and possibly make some money in the progress.  It has been a fun experience but I do not wish to sacrifice my moral and institutional values for the sake of internet “fame”.  I want to create a place where I can explore my own creativity and hopefully get some feed back from other, like-minded bloggers.  I also want my blog to be something that I can share with my little sisters as they grow and begin exploring their creativity.  I think this time, I may have to ignore my parent’s advise…